Director Desk

Director's Desk

Mr. Manoj Ghosh

Director Of Cihhm Foundation

Nature of jobs are becoming highly specialised and critical day by day. Economical instability directly affects job market. As India is is highly populated developing country, in equal economical distribution is a common problem for job market.

Developed countries handles recession better than developing countries. So developed countries quickly pounds back from unusual situations.Like other developing countries, India also suffers from massive job losses when recession occurs.

It also takes lot more time to recover. So a student need to choose his or her career wisely.They should go with stable growing industries which is also sustainable in nature.Hospitality sector is known as evergreen industry, in the perspective of it stability and opportunistic attributes.

Healthcare industry and hotel industry is a part of hospitality industry. These two industries have sustainable and booming properties specially in India. Because they directly and indirectly associated with human living.


The Best Global Experts

Human cannot even survive without healthcare industry. Here at CIHHM Foundation we have identified the true potential of these job markets and trying to connect students with it. We offer students multi dimensional educational approaches and practical exposures so that they become industry ready in true sense.

We believe that, student will explore his or her inner potential with us. Education and related activities are primary concern in here. A quality education and affordability together forms a unique combination which is exactly a student need. Detailed knowledge, curiosity, ground reality, better understanding, adaptability, quick learning mechanism, intelligent implementation of thoughts make a student self confident and perfect choice for an industry.

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